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                               Service illustration please see SERVICE SHOWCASE
Service A--Develop and evaluate new suppliers
ØDevelop potential suppliers,analyse, evaluate and audit potential suppliers (including their asset,technique, service)
quality, credit, deliver, payment term etc, by submitting supplier evaluation report.
ØDo factory-examing and submit the  examming  report to client.
PS: We will audit the factory, and perform the factory evaluation. So to help client to identify the supplier, avoid being cheated and mislead. As many factories, tend to brag about their strength, practise fraud.
Service B--Quotation collection and comparison
ØCollect quotations from potential suppliers, then analyse, evaluate price, service, quality, credit, deliver, payment term etc, and make a comparison for client’s reference.
ØClients decide on the price and finalise the order, all the information, specially the price will be absolutely transparent
to clients,  we just provide the helpful information for reference.
ØThis job is not a must, all depends on the client, some clients dont need us to join this work, they prefer to  collect the
prices, and negotiate by themselves. It all depends.
Service C--Sampling, test and courier
ØCollect samples from potential suppliers;
ØConfirm sample details
ØSample check-- when we get the samples, we will check if it is ok, then arrange the courier.
ØCourier the samples to Client
ØThis job is not a must, all depends on the client.
Service D--Follow order, help communication
ØFollow orders to ensure the deliveryand quality
ØHelp communicate with suppliers to finalise the key production details, like lead time,
artwork confirmation.
ØDeal with emergency.
ØThis job is not a must, IT depends on the client.
Service E--Inspection and Test report
Ø Factory-inspection
ØGoods inspection, like samples, in-line tests, pre-shippment inspection
ØSubmit the inspection report to client
ØThis job is not a must, IT depends on the client
Service F--Liaise:guide, translator, and coordinator
ØServe as guide and translator if client visit China , help book hotel & tickets, arrange  transportation and meeting
ØAccompany client to visit the fair, as well as the factory.