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To create a brand, enhance corporate reputation, corporate image, our spirit of "Customer first, people-oriented, rule of law and plants, quality and efficiency, cost leadership" values, "the most favorable price, best service, the most reliable product quality "principle solemnly promise to you. Meanwhile, we operate full range of lighting products and cover almost all level of goods ( High, Medium and Low end) to meet various customer’s demand, therefore, we set various standard and warranty accordingly. Below  just  show  the case of  our TV series lightings.

A、 Product shelf-life commitment:
1.Interior lighting: under normal use for 12 months warranty. T4 bracket…
2.Electronic ballast, electrical ballast, and so part of rated …
3.Light source:
Energy saving lamp warranty for 12 months.
Metal halide lamp with conviction in 12 months.
12V50W (including 50W) below the aluminum cup, lamp cup, lamp beads warranty 6 months.
PL plug with conviction in 12 months.
Double-ended halogen lamps with conviction in 12 months.
4.Outdoor Products:Function under normal use for 12 months warranty.
B、Commitment to product quality:
1.Product manufacturing and testing are quality records and test data.
2.Product performance testing, we sincerely invited users to visit the whole process of the product, all perfor.
3. Mance checks, the product is confirmed to be qualified before packing shipments.
C、Price promise:
1.In the same competitive conditions, our company not to reduce product technical performance, change the cost of the product components, based on faith in the most favorable price to your side.
2.Price to implement the principle of third-degree price:
Retail price
Direct customers to establish credit at competitive prices
D、Delivery commitments:
1.Product delivery: as required by the user, if you have special requirements, need to be completed ahead of schedule, the company may in particular organization of production, installation, and strive to meet customer needs.
2.Product delivery, our products provide users with a valid certificate.
E、Service commitment:
1.Service: quick, decisive, accurate, thoughtful and thorough
2.Service objectives: service quality to win customer satisfaction
3.Efficiency: the warranty period, such as equipment failure, supplier after receiving the notice…
4.Service principles: non-normal use of the fault, is not within the warranty company; if companies still offer repair service, materials fee will be charged accordingly. If you can not repair the product ceases to provide maintenance services